domingo, 3 de março de 2013

Primeira música do projeto "Vaconaut & The Apple Monster" foi divulgada!

Na última sexta-feira, 01/03, o Lucas Silveira divulgou o primeiro single do seu mais novo projeto, Vaconaut & The Apple Monster. Projeto no qual, conta com a participação da skatista Karen Jonz.

A música Party is Over tá nos top do SoundCloud, com uma repercurssão imensa! Ouça agora!

I hear the beats get lost in the streets
Walk around this town this time I felt like shit back on the time
Go home inside and you’ll be alright 
I know its real see you standing still you think my friends are lamme, fuck you

You broke my guitar pretending
That is was my heart but frankly darling I dont give a damm rats ass
To be with you is so demanding
Dailly missunderstandings
Its time we put an end to this 
Tonight Ill tell you

So bring your shit 
Cos Ill be ready I can deal with it
This time the story will be told by me 
And no one else
So say goodbye
To all the fun that I brought to your life
You never sorry and Im full you
Get out of my life
The door is open you can leave.

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